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  • Curve Midi Ring

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  • Hammered Adjustable Double Bobble Ring

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  • Elegant Infinity Earrings

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  • Bobble Stud Earrings

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  • Long Bobble Earrings

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  • African Beads Jewellery sets Accessories 4 Pcs

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  • Jewellery Set Crystal Necklace Earrings Bracelet Jewellery Sets Gift

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  • 14 Styles Geometry Round Wooden Earrings Dangle Printed African Female Portrait Letters Earring Afro Maps Comb Shape Ear Hook Eardrop Women

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  • Black Lives Matter Saying Trendy Women Print Jewelry Natural Wood Drop Earrings Melanin Poppin Afro Power Fist Pattern

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  • Trendy Black Titanium Steel Simple Style Colorful Plating Men Finger Ring

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  • Ladies’ Bracelet Guess CWB90701 (21 cm)

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  • Ladies’ Necklace Elixa EL126-2543 (50 cm)

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