The Law of Sexual Polarity For An Enhanced Relationship

Sexual Polarity

Are you prioritising the law of sexual polarity in your relationship? The law of Sexual polarity is a branch of the Law of Attraction that states that like energy attracts like energy. Really what this means is that which is like unto itself is drawn. In other words you attract more of what you are.

The law of sexuality polarity describes the type of magnetism that exists between masculine and feminine energy.  As individuals we possess both masculine and feminine energy within us.  The more masculine energy a person the more of feminine energy he/she will attract so that they feel more masculine; and vice versa.  These energies are not gender specific but in the main, they are. Women have more feminine energy and men have more masculine energy.

A single woman who wants to satisfy the question ‘where have all the masculine men gone’?  therefore has to learn, if she is serious in this endeavour, how to apply the law of sexual polarity in terms of her femininity.  Many women unwittingly project masculine energy, repelling the masculine energy of a man, driving away the very thing she craves.

I personally became aware of the law of sexual polarity when I managed approximately 120 men.  I was the only female in an all-male environment, an unusual and unique position where I was able to ‘play up’ my feminine energy to influence, more than my male counterparts could, the men to do jobs that otherwise would have remained undone.  Why? because the masculine nature of these men were attracted to my feminine!

Feminine energy is described as heart centred, nurturing, receptive, receiving, compassionate, mysterious and expressive of ‘feeling’ energy.  Whereas Masculine energy is described as ‘doing energy’ – its analytical/mental, decision making, mission orientated, goal achieving and competitive energy.

When these opposites are not respected for their differences and complimentary nature, then attraction is lost and relationships become mediocre; for it’s in the gap of these opposites that passion resides.  If you want real passion you need to have a pursuer and the pursued; the masculine energy pursues the feminine and its’ in the anticipation of ‘the catch’ within the gap, that passion thrives.

In moments of sexual intimacy one has to be willing to play the feminine and the other the masculine.  It’s no surprise that some couples go into role play, women want the dominance of the masculine ‘police officer’ to place them in handcuffs and have their wicked way with them and the masculine wants the soft submissive essence of the feminine.

It’s useful to think of the law of sexual polarity in terms of a magnet.  You have the positive side and the negative side and when these 2 sides are placed together they snap together and when you pull them apart, you can feel the overwhelming pull for them to come back together.  That’s the tension that is created between the masculine and the feminine energy.

However, when you try to put the same sides together – negative to negative or positive to positive…what happens?  They oppose and repel each other – the 2 sides do not want to come together.  This is what happens when you do not apply your understanding of sexual polarity in a dating situation or in a relationship or even in the workplace (described, as in my personal example). The relationship breaks down because two like energies in a relationship oppose each other and cause conflict.  Both are vying to wear ‘the trousers’ or none at all!

A person’s sexual vibe i.e. their vibration is what I use to describe the ratio of masculine to feminine energy that an individual has and thus emanates.  There are some women that err to the masculine and some men that err to the feminine and we see this in the LGBT community.  Like I said, this is not about gender.

To further explain, let’s use an analogy.  Imagine a ruler; to the far left represents the masculine and to the far right the feminine energy.  If you’re a woman that has a high feminine/masculine energy ratio then you attract your equivalent in terms of masculine/feminine energy ratio.  On the flip side if you are a woman that has high masculine /feminine energy ratio then you will attract more effeminate men.

Don’t be afraid to emphasize your feminine or masculine vibe to increase your polarity. Society’s new norms of political correctness may dissuade you.  However, it’s what I used in my management role to my advantage!  It’s what creates chemistry.  It’s detrimental to shrink and make your-self small, to de-emphasize your femininity or masculinity to fit in with others is counterproductive.  When it comes to romantic love, fully accepting your sexual vibe ensures for an authentic and deep connection.

A highly masculine energy man serves as the bed-rock for higher feminine energy to be expressed.  In the movie Waiting To Exhale, we witness a woman that is held in the arms of a man, and as she relaxes and exhales against the masculine wall of his chest, you are able to feel her bliss as she leans into her femininity.

There’s nothing more beautiful than when a man allows a woman to exhale and feel like a woman and a man is able to feel his masculinity in a woman’s presence.  In that moment on the dancefloor, she is able to connect with her true essence, albeit temporarily and just be.  This is the one gift a woman cannot give to herself.  Our different energies are a gift to the other therefore we must prioritise the law of sexual polarity.

The law of sexual polarity allows for a woman to truly receive from a man that wants to please her and this will create in her a spark, and it is this same spark that she will use to inspire, nurture and ignite a man to greatness!  You’ve heard it said ‘behind every great man is a woman’ in essence, feminine energy.

I’m sure you’ve also heard it said ‘Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!’  As you know male and female energies are quite different, it plays out like a paradox, inasmuch as, it is our differences that creates chemistry and that ignites us and in the same breath, it’s these very differences that we at times find so frustrating.

Thank God for information that aptly explains our differences and that enable us to overcome our difficulties when it comes to guiding us to amplify and not minimise or in fact neutralise our sexual polarity when it comes to dating and relationships.  A powerful way to describe how to apply the law of sexual polarity to increase and maintain your sexual polarity can be found in the video at

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